The Casterton Kelpie Association are excited to announce a film crew involved with the filming of Nelson Woss’ new movie “Blue Dog” will be at the Clark Rubber Australian Kelpie Muster for the entire weekend – 6th and 7th June 2015 to film the Kelpie Working Dog in all it’s glory.  The Muster showcases the Kelpie Working Dog in all aspects and is a fun weekend to enjoy for everyone.

Many of you might remember that Nelson Woss included the Clark Rubber Australian Kelpie Muster as part of the promotional tour of his movie “Red Dog” and bought his much loved star Koko to the event.  Koko was a huge success and everyone was very excited to see the star of the show. We also had famous animal trainer Luke Hura attend

Nelson is not only involved with making his movie “Blue Dog” but is also filming a movie / documentary on “Koko” who was the canine star of the movie  “Red Dog” and who is sadly missed by many. The documentary will also include a category on the Kelpie Working Dog.

This is great news for Casterton, surrounding districts and the Kelpie Community.

Further information contact CKA Secretary, Linda Thompson on 0488 791 424